September update here!

More Mandates… more restrictions….; read here for the latest!

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Direct link to sign up for the Phase 2 Semi-Private Lessons in Issaquah

Direct link to sign up for Phase 2 Sauna Sessions in Issaquah

My heart goes out to everyone who has lost a loved one to COVID-19. We are all affected by the stress and concern we have for our family members who are the most at-risk, our healthcare workers, first responders, and grocery/retail/restaurant staff who continue to go to work daily and place their lives at risk.  I send my love and support to you.  Thank you.

I hope you and your families all well, strong and healthy.  We are currently in a moment of time that will define our generation.  We are not the same people we were last month and will not be the same person next month.  Many people are hurting emotionally, financially, stressed with the uncertainty and fear.  How we can unite as a community and nation will determine our outcome.  This crisis is not about us as individuals, but how we can respond as kind and caring humans, together.

Our world is changing hourly and I will update you here as how HYE is pivoting how we serve our community.  It is in times like this that a routine can help you feel grounded.  It is in a time like this that any way to connect to our family and friends can help you realize we are not alone.  It is in times like this that we can offer grace, lower expectations on others and yourself, and be kind.  Breathe.

We can reopen for group classes and sauna sessions in Phase 3 of The Restarting Plan given to us by the Washington State Government.

At HYE, we have options to try to serve you where you are at to help you through this.

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