Our frequently asked questions may help prepare you for attending Hot Yoga Experience. However, if we do not have your question listed, please contact the studio and we would love to help you get answers and feel comfortable.

First Visit

  • Far Infrared heat is a hot topic these days.  Infrared heat is completely safe and all objects give off and receive infrared heat. In fact, it is so safe, hospitals use similar heaters to warm newborns. Infrared is a part of nature and essential for life.
    Infrared rays are the healthiest of the sun’s rays, penetrate into your skin deeply and they dissolve harmful substances accumulated in your body. This way we can maximize the healing qualities of the sun’s rays without the harmful effects of solar UV rays. The Infrared Rays vitalize your cells and metabolism. The human body gives off and receives infrared in the far infrared band. We have tuned our infrared heaters in both the yoga room and the saunas to give off far infrared in this same range for maximum absorption by your body and for maximum therapeutic benefits.

  • Classes are either 60 or 65 minutes long. The hot room is at a very warm temperature, but it is also comfortable. There is one instructor who will help guide you into and out of the postures. The instructor will verbally describe the movements, show you by example or help assist you into the right position. Joining a class is great for beginners because you can always see what the other students are doing to help you into the pose. Please be considerate and do not talk in the yoga room before, during, or after the class. Many people use a Hot Yoga class as a quiet time to connect and reflect. We want everyone to have the opportunity to have a peaceful environment.

  • Preparing for your first class is important and necessary. It is recommend that you hydrate properly for at least 48 hours before your first class. Register online for class. If it is your first time at our studio, please arrive about 10 minutes before the start of class. We do not allow late students into the yoga room after class has started. Make sure your last meal is at least an hour before your class and try to make it something that is light and easily digested. Fruit is a good option. It is not recommended to do hot yoga on an empty stomach. Bring with you a yoga mat, large bath sized towel, water bottle, and maybe a small hand towel. We do not have yoga mats for rent or borrow, because you will be sweating a lot and no one wants to share germs. Ladies typically wear capris leggings or stretch yoga pants and a tank top or water wicking fitted t-shirt. Men typically wear running shorts or swim trunks and a tank top or water wicking fitted t-shirt. Consider wearing clothing that can stretch or move and something you can comfortably sweat in. Please inform your teacher of any issues that could limit you during class or if you have any questions feel free to ask them.

  • No we do not.  Cleanliness is very important to us in our studio.  Regardless of the type of cleaner in the market today, we do not feel it is a wise choice to share a mat that another student had used.  Please bring your own or we do have some for purchase.

  • We do not allow late entry into a yoga class.  It is a distraction to the other students and instructor.  We suggest arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the class start time so you have time to find parking, use the restroom, and get yourself situated in the yoga room.

  • We offer yoga mats, yoga towels, hand towels, t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, and water bottles for convenience to our new and existing students. We offer these items, as they are a necessity to practice Hot Yoga. We also use this as our opportunity to give back to our community.

  • We will set the sauna up for you and explain how it works on your first visit. Please check in at the front desk, use the restroom, or fill your water bottle up before entering the sauna. The customer service representative will always set the sauna up with a towel on the bench and a towel on the floor. The first thing you will notice is that the sauna is warm, but comfortable. It is easy to breathe. After about 10-15 minutes, you will notice the sweat should be dripping off your arms and legs. Your heart rate will increase as well. If at any point the sauna is getting too warm for your taste, please open the door and let the fresh air into the sauna. After the 30-minute session is over, your sauna will turn off. Please leave the sauna door closed, the dirty towels in the sauna, and the door to the sauna room open so we can come and clean. There is a walk down the public hallway to the rest rooms.

  • It is recommended to make an appointment online for the sauna. Please properly hydrate 24-48 hours in advance. You will want to eat a light snack 1-2 hours prior to your Sauna Therapy session. Arrive about 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Bring a water bottle, towel, and wear loose fitting clothing. Most people wear a swimsuit, yoga attire, or nothing at all while in the sauna. Some people bring in a book or magazine (however, the heat may affect the binding) while others meditate or stretch while in the sauna.

  • Most people wear a swimsuit, yoga attire, or nothing at all while in the sauna. It is your personal preference for whatever you are comfortable in as it is an individual and private session. You may also want to bring a hand towel for sweat.  If you would like to transfer from the sauna to the locker room, we recommend bringing a robe or sarong.

  • We do not offer childcare at our studio.

    However, in Issaquah, conveniently located in the Issaquah Commons is Adventure Kids Playcare. We have formed a valuable relationship with the owners of Adventure Kids Playcare. This has made it possible to provide childcare to all of our students and the Adventure Kids Playcare Members for half price.  This discounted service is unlimited times a month for as many children in your family for up to 1 hour and 30 minutes during a yoga class and 1 hour for a sauna session. If you want to get some shopping done before or after your class or sauna session you have the ability to purchase more time directly from Adventure Kids.  To be a Adventure Kids Playcare Member please visit their website for any questions on Adventure Kids Playcare.

    Adventure Kids Playcare provides fun activities and will make sure that your kids are active while receiving encouragement from their safe and friendly staff. Now you can finally get that sacred replenishing time for just you. Our daughter has enjoyed being a member at Adventure Kids for the last 5 years. Our recommendation comes with our highest regards since we have trusted them with our own child. Our daughter absolutely loves going there and we know your children will too.

  • We offer up to 3 months suspensions at $10/month per year. They are in one month increments.

  • We have a digital cancellation form that we can email you. If you are ready to cancel your membership, please email us at info@hotyogaexperience.com and we can send the form via email.

Yoga Class

  • Hot Yoga should be practiced 4-6 times per week for maximum benefits. Many people have seen tremendous results in overall health when combining Hot Yoga classes and Far Infrared Sauna Therapy sessions on a weekly basis.  As long as you are staying properly hydrated, you can practice as much as you have time for. Make sure you consult a physician before partaking in any activity.

  • Flexibility is not required for Hot Yoga. In turn, Hot Yoga helps you to become flexible. Research has discovered that many of our ailments to our body are due to poor posture and lack of muscular strength. Hot Yoga helps to improve flexibility, posture and strength among many more benefits.

  • Hot Yoga is as challenging as you want it to be. You can benefit by simply laying on the floor the entire class or partake in some or even all of the postures the teacher prompts. Hot Yoga can burn as many or more calories than the most rigorous exercises. You can benefit by wearing a heart rate monitor during class to get an accurate readout of exactly how many calories are being burned.

  • The heat allows your body to be warm and pliable, which will allow you to get deeper into many of the yoga postures. The heat will increase sweating and detoxifying while also burning more calories than in a traditional yoga class. The room is heated to allow for your entire body to relax and be open to the yoga postures. It is important for your body to be in a state of relaxation before attempting to stretch and elongate many muscles and ligaments. This of course is to help you safely benefit from all of the wonderful things Hot Yoga offers. You should always be in control of your body and beware of trying to over-do it or over stretch as that is not what Hot Yoga is about.

  • The temperature is 105 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity 40%. This combination is ideal to promote flexibility and puts the body at an optimal state to receive the maximum benefits from the yoga.  As your body perspires it begins to detoxify.  The sweat also helps keep the body cool and prevents overheating. If you are getting “too hot” you are always encouraged to lie down on your mat and let your body cool down. In yoga, we breathe in and out of our nose. One of the signs that you are exerting yourself too much or getting over heated is that you start to breathe in and out of your mouth. At that first sign, we recommend you take a break from the poses, by sitting or lying down on your mat, until you can breathe in and out of your nose again. You are welcome to leave the yoga room if you are too uncomfortable, but we do not allow re-entry into class. It is unsafe to go from a hot environment to cool to hot again as well as being a distraction for the instructor and students in the room.

  • It is recommended that anyone with an existing condition seek the approval of a health professional before partaking in any activity.  There is a tremendous amount of research that supports the benefits of Hot Yoga for people with various backgrounds and health statuses, but only you and your doctor know how your body will respond to the heat and exercise.  Please seek the approval of a health professional first and inform our qualified instructors of any issues that you may believe are important for them to know about. If you have any communicable diseases, we ask that you do not practice or take sauna sessions until your doctor has cleared you from being contagious.

  • Far infrared waves penetrate deep into our body for a deep heating action, which allows for the body to activate the sweat glands. The sweat glands offer one of only a few mechanisms that the body has to eliminate toxins and since the skin is the largest organ in the human body it is apparently a very good means for elimination.
    This studio was created because Danielle had many injuries and doing yoga in a heated room helped alleviate the pain.  When researching different heating sources, Danielle learned about the latest research in therapeutic heat and knew this was the key to help her and others.  The heating and ventilation in Hot Yoga Experience’s yoga room has been created by the top experts in the fields of mechanical engineering, electricians, designing, and of course, yoga.  Even if you lay down in the yoga room for the duration of the class, you are still getting the healing benefits of far infrared heat.
    Far Infrared heat also allows us to share many of the benefits of Hot Yoga without doing the class by relaxing in our Far Infrared Saunas. The saunas are a perfect compliment to a person practicing Hot Yoga or someone who wants to add something to their existing workout routine. This gives people the option of receiving many benefits of a Hot Yoga class in 20-30 minutes by sitting and relaxing in a Far Infrared Sauna Therapy session. For those busy days where time is very tight or days that you do not have the energy for a class a sauna session is the answer.

Far Infrared sauna therapy

  • We recommend booking an appointment online as we only have 4 private saunas and some times do get booked up quickly. A session is 30 minutes and appropriate time is between sessions to accommodate the cleaning and ventilation process.

  • We keep the sauna’s around 130-150 degrees. Some heat is lost when we open the door and place in your towels. You receive benefits of Far Infrared heat at any temperature 115 degrees and above. The warmer the sauna, the more calories you will burn and more water loss you will have. If at any point you are getting too warm, please open the door of the sauna for a breeze of cool air, or feel free to keep the door cracked open to keep the sauna at your preferred temperature.

  • Far Infrared heat has the ability to penetrate the surface of the skin. By doing this, the Far Infrared heat interacts positively with the cells of the body. These cells contain water and the water then responds to the heat. This relationship has been proven by researchers to create a multitude of benefits. Due to the human body’s natural resonance with Far Infrared heat people can benefit with tighter, clearer looking skin and even have a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Far Infrared heat has helped many people look and feel younger while providing many more health benefits.

  • Health professionals’ have estimated that a single Sauna Therapy session can burn as many calories as biking or jogging for 30 minutes. Could be approximately 200-500 calories in 20-30 minutes. You will notice your heart rate racing after 10-15 minutes in the sauna, much like it would be if you were exerting yourself biking or jogging.  You can benefit by wearing a heart rate monitor during your session to get an accurate readout of exactly how many calories are being burned.

  • Due to the gentle nature of the saunas you can use the saunas every day. The benefits you receive from a single session are vast. Make sure you ease into consistent use of the saunas. Start with less time and allow your body to build up to 30 minutes or more over time. Some people book two appointments back to back to go for an hour-long session, which we cannot accommodate during covid, but look forward to restrictions lifting and more availability. Please be sure to rehydrate after each sauna session.
    Make sure you consult a physician before partaking in any activity.

Advanced online reservations for yoga and sauna, no walk-ins. Bring a yoga mat for class and arrive 10 minutes before class start time.

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