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Hot Yoga Experience’s goal is to provide the Issaquah with the health benefits of Hot Yoga and Far Infrared Sauna Therapy. Hot Yoga Experience is a great place to heal injuries, strengthen and tone muscles, increase balance, improve coordination, reduce anxiety levels, and release stress.

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Are you wondering how to prepare for your first time at our studio or have questions about the Yoga classes or the Far Infrared Saunas?

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Far Infrared

Far Infrared is a therapeutic heat that has many benefits. We use this type of heat to heal your body in the yoga room and the saunas.

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Studio Heating

Hot Yoga Experience offers some of the most advanced heating and air filtration technology available. Our Far Infrared heaters and fresh air filtration system enhances every benefit of a Hot Yoga session. This helps to produce increased benefits during a Hot Yoga class in a clean and sanitized environment.

We are the only Hot Yoga studio in the area that offers specialized Far Infrared Sauna Therapy sessions. These individual saunas allow members to relax and rejuvenate while burning calories. At Hot Yoga Experience we have designed our studio to accommodate member’s needs and busy lifestyle. Our amenities include: full-service locker rooms with showers, a filtered water station along with an encouraging and helpful staff.

The heating system is designed to allow the student to experience even and consistent levels of heat and humidity while practicing yoga.

Where does the heat come from? Well, let’s begin with the outside air. A Trane heating unit with a variable speed drive takes this air, heats it up and pushes it into a Sanuvox Biowall. The Biowall is designed to destroy biological and chemical contaminants such as mold, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other unpleasant odors that may be in the air. It does so with UV light and very low power consumption.

The next in line is the electric duct heat booster. Now that the air is cleaned and heated, it may need some humidity, which we provide by injecting steam into the air stream. We do this with a steam generator located outside the yoga studio to ensure a quiet, tranquil setting for your yoga practice. The steam generator allows your body more opportunity to open its pores and release toxins that can accumulate in fat and skin tissue. There is nothing like 40% humidity and 100+ degree heat to start the sweat rolling.

The method we have chosen to disperse this fabulous fresh air is two runs of soft ductwork. Each length has thousands of small perforations that allow an even, gentle airflow to surround each student. The idea is to let you feel the heat without feeling a blast of air potentially distracting your most delicate balance postures.

In addition to the forced air heating system, we incorporate passive FAR Infrared heating panels. These panels allow the student an opportunity to feel the healing effects of the suns only safe form of radiation. The benefits of this radiation are many.

Decrease in joint stiffness, relieves muscle spasms, increases blood flow, pain relief just to name a few. (Chapter 9 of Therapeutic Heat and Cold, fourth edition)

Last but not least, we have the capability to cool and infuse the studio with fresh air at any time with our variable speed exhaust fan, located on the roof above the studio. Again, this ensures quiet operation and the ability to infuse the air with large volumes of fresh air if the CO2 levels start to climb too high.

This equipment protects the student from overheating and low levels of oxygen. It also helps to quickly lower the temperature after a hot class so more varied levels of classes can be offered every day. This is good for the busy professional that has limited time in their day and requires maximum flexibility.

Advanced online reservations for yoga and sauna, no walk-ins. Bring a yoga mat for class and arrive 10 minutes before class start time.

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