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Hot Yoga Experience is a great place to heal injuries, strengthen and tone muscles, increase balance, improve coordination, reduce anxiety levels, and release stress. Deepen your practice at our workshops and Training Program and fall in love with yoga.

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How it all started

I created Hot Yoga Experience because I was in chronic pain from years of competitive sports beating up my body. I knew I felt better when I was doing Hot Yoga regularly, but I could not find a consistent studio in my community.

I tried places that were too cold and I could not stretch and so hot that I could not finish the class. I wanted a therapeutic heat, not just a hot room. After much research into the Far Infrared technology and also experiencing relief from Far Infrared Sauna Therapy Sessions, I came up with the concept of Hot Yoga Experience.  Yoga strikes a balance between stretching and flexibility with strengthening.

Using the latest technology in Therapeutic Far Infrared Heat, combined with a fresh air filtration system, Far Infrared Sauna Therapy Sessions, and a staff that really does care about you, Hot Yoga Experience was created in 2011. I figured, if it helped me feel better and be healthier, maybe it can help you too?


Have questions? That’s okay! We were all new to yoga, Far Infrared Saunas, and to our studio at some point too.

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Advanced online reservations for yoga and sauna, no walk-ins. Bring a yoga mat for class and arrive 10 minutes before class start time.

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